The project's work packages

WP No.Work Package TitleLead Partner Short NameTask No. and nameTask leader Short Name
WP1Project ManagementNTNU1.1 Administrative and financial managementNTNU
1.2 Quality control and risks managementNTNU
1.3 Project communication meetings and reviewsNTNU
1.4 Data ManagementNTNU
1.5 Ethics/gender frameworkESF
WP2Research ExcellenceIMT2.1 Green AISINTEF
2.2 Adaptive AIIMT
2.3 Humancentric AITUE
2.4 Trustworthy AINTNU
WP3Societal RelevanceINESC3.1 Energy verticalINESC
3.2 Healthcare verticalICCS
3.3 Manufacturing verticalPOLIMI
3.4 Sapce verticalECOE
ENFIELD project's WPs connection
WP4Common vision and roadmapsUPB4.1 Common Research Vision and Roadmap development and monitoringIMT
4.2 Mapping of data, infrastructure, and educational materialTALTECH
4.3 Next Generation Talents education and trainingUPB
4.4 Safety and Security Risk Assessment FrameworkDTI
WP5Open Calls ManagementINOVA5.1 Open calls frameworkINOVA
5.2 Open call from publication to selectionINOVA
5.3 Administrative and financial implementationINOVA
5.4 Statistics and lessons learnedINOVA
WP6Outreach, Cooperation and ExpansionBME6.1 Communication engagement dissemination and cooperation strategyBME
6.2 Communication and dissemination activitiesBME
6.3 ENFIELD collaboration platformENG
6.4 Engagement with EDIHs and incubatorsMAGGIOLI
6.5 Cohesion activities with relevant European alliancesVTT
6.6 Synergies with regional national and European projects and initiativesMAGGIOLI
6.7 ENFIELD conferenceBME
WP7Innovation and ExploitationMAGGIOLI7.1 Innovation paradigmINOVA
7.2 Policy dialoguesMAGGIOLI
7.3 Exploitation pathwaysMAGGIOLI
7.4 Standardization certification and regulationMAGGIOLI
7.5 Sustained ENFIELD NetworkMAGGIOLI