Project Vision and Mission

ENFIELD will create a unique European Centre of Excellence that excels in fundamental research in the pillars of Adaptive, Green, Human-Centric, and Trustworthy AI that are new, strategic and of paramount importance to successful AI development, deployment, and acceptance in Europe and will further advance the research within verticals of healthcare, energy, manufacturing and space by attracting the best talents, technologies and resources from world-class research and industry players in Europe and by carrying out top-level research activities in synchronization with industry challenges to reinforce a competitive EU position in AI and create significant socio-economic impact for the benefit of European citizens and businesses.

Project Informations

Project acronymENFIELD
Project full nameENFIELD: European Lighthouse to Manifest Trustworthy and Green AI
Type of actionHORIZON Research and Innovation Actions
CoordinatorIIK, NTNU Gjøvik
Project period01-Sep-2023 to 31-Aug-2026 (36 months duration
Grant Agreement No.101120657
Grant amountcca. € 11.5 M 
Number of partners30

Consortium partners

  • 18 countries: Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France (3), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy (3), Netherlands (2), Norway (4), Portugal (4), Romania, SIovenia, Spain (2), Sweden, United Kingdom
  • 30 partners
  • 36 months
  • 4 third party open calls
  • € 11.487.793,7 Funding