• euROBIN

    The euROBIN network brings together the most important European research institutes and industrial companies in the field of AI and robotics. In addition to the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the partners include ETH Zurich, Volkswagen and PAL Robotics.

    The euROBIN network focuses on three application fields: Robots in Manufacturing, Robots in Outdoor Applications and Robots as Personal Assistance Systems. The focus is on embodied AI, which is very close to human intelligence. Human interaction as well as knowledge and learning transfer play an essential role. The project has the long-term goal of creating a robotics ecosystem at the center of society, where robots support and learn from each other in a human environment and for the benefit of humans. The project was launched in July 2022 and is funded under HORIZON EUROPE.



    There is a strong consensus that artificial intelligence (AI) will bring forth changes that will be much more profound than any other technological revolution in human history. Depending on the course that this revolution takes, AI will either empower our ability to make more informed choices or reduce human autonomy; expand the human experience or replace it; create new forms of human activity or make existing jobs redundant; help distribute well-being for many or increase the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few; expand democracy in our societies or put it in danger etc.



    TAILOR is an EU project with the aim build the capacity to provide the scientific foundations for Trustworthy AI in Europe. TAILOR develops a network of research excellence centres, leveraging and combining learning, optimisation, and reasoning (LOR) with the key concepts of Trustworthy AI (TAI). These systems are meant to provide descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive systems integrating data-driven and knowledge-based approaches.


  • AI4media

    AI4Media is a 4-year-long project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the project aspires to become a Centre of Excellence engaging a wide network of researchers across Europe and beyond, focusing on delivering the next generation of core AI advances and training to serve the Media sector, while ensuring that the European values of ethical and trustworthy AI are embedded in future AI deployments...



    The dAIEDGE Network of Excellence (NoE) seeks to strengthen and support the development of a dynamic European cutting-edge AI ecosystem under the umbrella of the European Lighthouse for AI, and to sustain the development of advanced AI.

    dAIEDGE fosters the exchange of ideas, concepts, and trends on cutting-edge next generation AI, creating links between ecosystem actors to help both the European Commission (EC) and the European Union (EU) and the peripheral AI constituency identify strategies for future developments in Europe.

    Our main objective is to advance Europe's innovation and technology base by developing a comprehensive policy and governance approach to AI in order for the EU to become a world leader in innovation in the data economy and its applications.