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ENFIELD is set to establish a distinctive European Center of Excellence focused on advancing fundamental research in Adaptive, Green, Human-Centric, and Trustworthy AI. These pillars represent novel, strategic elements crucial for the successful development, deployment, and acceptance of AI in Europe. The initiative seeks to elevate research within key sectors like healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and space by attracting top talents, technologies, and resources from leading research and industry entities in Europe. By conducting high-level research aligned with industry challenges, ENFIELD aims to strengthen the EU's competitive position in AI, generating significant socio-economic impact for European citizens and businesses.
The project envisions a dynamic European AI network comprising 30 consortium members from 18 countries, including leading educational and research institutions, large-scale businesses, SMEs, and public sector representatives. This collaborative effort will collectively tackle critical issues at the forefront of research and innovation within the realm of European AI.
ENFIELD intends to deliver impactful outcomes, including over 75 unique AI solutions (algorithms, methods, simulations, services, datasets, and prototypes), 180 scientifically influential publications, and 200 peer-reviewed presentations. Additionally, four strategic documents, namely the Common Research Roadmap and Vision, the dynamic Safety and Security Risk Assessment Framework, the White Paper, and the Gender and Ethics Framework, will be produced. 
ENFIELD plans to support more than 76 individual researchers and 18 small-scale projects through Open Calls, facilitating exchange and innovation. The initiative will also conduct education and training activities, such as summer schools and hackathons, alongside well-designed outreach methods to enhance community engagement, expansion, and sustainability for the ENFIELD project.

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Join us on 17 th June 14:30 CET for our first ENFIELD Exchange Scheme Webinar.
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During this session we will:

  • Introduce the ENFIELD project and its goals
  • Navigate the open call: learn how to apply, understand eligibility criteria, and the evaluation process
  • Explore the proposed challenges and host institutions
  • Engage in a live Q&A session to clarify any doubts

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